Don’t give up

Don’t be sad or be depressed. Don’t lose hope when you’re not yet credited in all of your hard works. You’ve got to start somewhere. Be motivated. Just remember…


Be strong

Do you feel like giving up? Do you feel like you’re barely breathing? Do you feel like just sleeping and forgetting about the pain and the hurt you’ve been through?

Always think that there is someone who will be with you through thick and thin. Don’t ever think that you are alone with your problems.

God is always here with us. Don’t lose hope. Just pray and have faith that everything will be fine.

Here’s one of my favorite quote about not giving up from one of my favorite cartoon show..

If you’re looking for a sign, this might be it. 🙂

Before I die, I want to…

Travel!!! Here’s some places I want to visit someday:

1. Paris, France


I want to see the famous eiffle tower. I want to take a picture with the tower as my background. Stroll in the streets of Paris with my loved one…

2. Italy


Pasta, pizza, cheese!!!!!! I want to visit the famous colliseum and see roman architecture. (Cause also I’m fond of roman mythology hihi)

3. South korea


Anyeong! I want to visit seoul and find my seoulmate. Hehe kidding! I want to visit the famous Namsan tower and see the love locks! ❤ Also the Lotte world and stroll in the streets of Korea!

4. New york


How i met your mother?
I want to see and witness the manhattan skyline or maybe live here someday!

5. Amsterdam


Can you stars over Amsterdam?
i want to ride a bike and stroll the streets of Amsterdam. Sit and watch over the gondolas passing through the river. How romantic! ❤


Clingy people are the best people.

They text you that they missed you. They remember every little detail about you. They double send messages when you’re not replying. They send good night and good morning texts. They always ask if you already ate or how’s your day.

It’s good to know that someone is there for you, that someone really wants to talk to you. They might be annoying but they’re showing how much they care for you.

Be happy if someone is “clinging” to you. Don’t take someone for granted. You are lucky because that person is really happy that he/she have you and he/she don’t want to lose you 🙂